• Helen Oh

    Helen Oh

  • Andrew Conklin

    Andrew Conklin

  • Dale Popovich

    Dale Popovich

  • Steve Puttrich

    Steve Puttrich

  • Larry Paulsen

    Larry Paulsen

  • Michael Van Zehl

    Michael Van Zehl

  • Steven Assael

    Steven Assael

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Palette & Chisel, Faculty Demos

February 26, 2017

The annual demonstration of oil and watercolor painting was given by Palette Faculty Teachers over the last two weekends in February. The first,Saturday was presented by Helen Oh, Andrew Comklin. Dale Popovich, and Steve Puttrich.   The following weekend Larry Paulsen, demonstrated watercolor painting from a model, and Michael Van Zehl, a still life in oil.

Stephen Assel, an internationaly famous artist, gave a two-day demonstration of a life siize oil painting of a model.