• camera-eye view

    camera-eye view

  • CBS interview

    CBS interview

Dean Reynolds, CBS interview

August 22, 2018

CBS Correspondent Dean Reynolds interviewed me on camera to talk about the 5oth anniversary of the '68 Democratic Convention in Chicago. Not only was I an eye witness to all of the chaos that week, but I was the first cameraman, or newsman, clubbed by the Police during the Convention. I was filming the demonstrators marching on the streets at the time when hit. I was using a 16mm film camera at the time.  Within a few years, film was gone and news would be shooting various generations of videotape instead. Now, both Film and Tape formats are gone.

 CBS recorded this interview on one small digital memory card, and Reynolds slipped it into his top pocket as he left.

That is cameraman Jake Barlow, and Bill Long doing the sound.  Producer Charlie Brooks on the right.